Friday, January 05, 2007

On The Wire

Bobby Bowden pilfers WVU offensive line coach...and Nick Saban pilfers FSU linebackers Saban also going to ruin Bowden's plan to hire Jimbo Fisher?....

The Dolphins may have lost Nick Saban...but Ricky Williams says he is on his way back...praise be!!....

Tank Johnson is getting some competition from Colts' backup DeDe Dorsey...who was arrested on gun charges after a traffic stop...guess the Darrant Williams shooting isn't having much of an effect on the boys in the league...don't they know that stats show that your chances of getting shot increase exponentially if you carry a weapon?

Drew Bledsoe is doing just case you were wondering...oh, you don't care?

and the Browns begin the process of building a keeping their head coach and players and purging the assistants....

Jason Taylor weighs his or Hollywood?

Cris Collinsworth thinks that Dolphins fans are actually MUCH better off without Saban...


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