Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mea Culpa: When You are Wrong, You are Wrong

Wow, Florida knocked the spit outta THEE Ohio State University.

As has been brought to our attention through a few comments and emails, we posted previously that our money was on the 'Bucks. Our Buckeye backing was based mostly on a report that Charlie Strong was going to pick Ron Zook's brain to gain the knowledge necessary to shut down the Bucks powerful offense. Now, come on. That sounds crazy to any logical mind!

Of course, the Gators completely stymied the Buckeye O and rammed Troy Smith's Heisman where the sun don't shine. And, in turn, served yours truly (author of the Zook post) a huge helping of crow. Well, not just served it; but rather, jammed it down my throat and held my mouth shut 'til I choked it down.

Hey, when you are wrong: You are wrong. We're the first to admit it.

What we find funny about the abuse we have taken for making our prediction based on UF seeking insight from Zook is this: The abuse didn't come from Gator fans! Nope.

Sitemeter is cool. It lets you see where people visit your site from and which posts are linked. Someone posted a link to the Zook post on an Illini board. And the kind words insulting our intelligence, our mother and our appearance have been flung to our inbox by ILLINI fans!

"You dumbass! Bet you feel pretty stupid now after putting down Zook, don't you!"

"Looks like the only thing stupider than asking for Coach Zook's advice is listening to YOUR prediction, asshole"

And our favorite:

"Fuck you, you are a moron."

Who knew that Illini fans had such allegiance to Zook? Who knew that Illini fans are taking pride and revelling in the fact that their coach has a connection (regardless of the fact he was run out of town and asked never to return) to the National Champions.

Well, we can get into the spirit of that:

Here is a very nice article about Zook which references Chris Leak calling him after the game to thank Zook and let him know that everything Zook promised when he recruited Leak came true.

Congrats to the Fighting Illini and their "connection" to the NCAA Football Championship!

Your coach was run out of Gainesville and two years later UF won the National Title. If you guys act quickly and get rid of him; it'll be the ILLINI's turn in 2008!


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