Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Butch Davis Era

Mack Brown's teams may have kicked UNC's butts when John Bunting was the coach...but Butch Davis has already beaten Mack in their first battle...

The Butch Davis Era is getting underway at North Carolina with some fairly impressive happenings.

Davis has announced that Chuch Pagano, the secondary coach of the NFL's leading pass defense (the Raiders) is heading to Chapel Hill to be the defensive coordinator.

Additionally, Davis has swiped a top 20 recruit, tight end Zack Pianalto, from the University of Texas. Pretty impressive when a coach can steal recruits from Mack Brown. Pianalto said it was difficult to explain withdrawing his commitment to Texas coach Mack Brown. "He was pretty upset," Pianalto said, "but it's understandable." Sure it is. But hey, Mack: Remember back in 1997 before you left North Carolina for Texas? Remember? Yeah, you remember. When you told your team you weren't leaving and then the next day you were on ESPN at a press conference in Austin accepting the job. know...don't get TOO upset at the kid.


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