Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Worst Job at ESPN?

Creme,'s women's hoops bracketologist: He must have done something horrible in a previous life.

ESPN covers a lot of sports. Virtually any competition that people play and keep score. It got us wondering: What is the worst gig at the WWL? The answer, we think, is Charlie Creme's job.

As if having "Creme" next to your face on every piece you have on isn't bad enough; Creme is the Women's basketball bracket guru. At first glance, that doesn't seem so horrible. Tennessee, UNC, UConn, LSU, Duke...etc. Elite women's teams actually do have reasonable followings. The part of the job that has to make it excruciatingly painful is following the small conferences. Ivy League, Big West, Mid-Con, MAC, MEAC, Horizon, Big South, Big Sky, Patriot League, American East, MAAC, OVC, CAA and Southland conferences all have women's teams. Who the hell has heard of most of these conferences, let alone the teams that compete in them. Can you imagine the task of being familiar with South East Lousiana's women's basketball squad? University of Hartford? Marist College? Shoot me. Just shoot me NOW.

Having to watch the young ladies that aren't even good enough to ride the bench at major conference schools? Charlie is a certifiable masochist.

We're betting that even Nancy Lieberman said, "Dude, that is a SHITTY job."


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