Wednesday, December 13, 2006

T.O.: Please, Just Take Your Money and Go Away

Please, STFU, fruitcake!

Remember last year, when Terrell Owens played his little hold out game with the Eagles? He claimed that it was about that horrible contract he had been forced to sign. He said that if he got a contract which made him happy, all would be good and he would be a wonderful asset to the team. Remember the Eagles said the hell with that, and Jerry Jones rolled in and gave TO the type of contract that was supposed to make him happy?

Well, it's clear: the problem isn't the Eagles, the coaches, the contract or the money. The problem is that TO is a bitching, snivelling diva. A man, in gender only. TO is Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Rupaul rolled into one. He is a psychotic, selfish, outlandish, nonsensical refugee from reality. He has the mental toughness of a chubby 13 year old girl and Lindsay Lohan laughs at his work ethic.

"While discussing the drops, Owens brought up the snitch again, saying he's lacked focus sometimes because he "was consumed by a lot of things going on here."

Owens can't concentrate because someone has been "snitching" on him. The revolting part of this is that Owens doesn't dispute that the leaks about him are true! He is simply mad, like a little school girl, that someone is talking about him. And because of this, he can't concentrate on Sundays and catch the damn ball. Even tho Jerry Jones GAVE him the contract that he so desparately wanted. You know, the contract that last year made it impossible......impossible to concentrate and play.

It's clear to see: Owens doesn't want to play. If a professional athlete can't clear his mind for 3 hours a week to perform at the level he is being played millions of dollars to perform at...If a professional athlete doesn't have the self discipline and will power to block out distractions for a few hours a week...well, that athlete is a disgrace to himself. With every dropped pass and every whiney excuse, Owens proves the Eagles were 100% right!


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