Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stevie Francis: Shut Up!

Steve Francis thinks there is a racial aspect to why the Knicks' brawl with the Nuggets has gotten so much coverage and why the penalties were so severe. "In other sports, there are incidents that are way worse than basketball," the Knicks guard said. "But because there are more black players in the NBA, it's under the microscope more than baseball or hockey." -- New York Post

Would someone please remind this dipshit about the fight between the Pacers and Pistons that ended up involving fans and a full blown riot on the court. If he wants to know why the punishments were so "severe", he need look no further than that. Commissioner David Stern made it clear that fights would be dealt with severely. If the NBA clowns choose to push their luck and guys like Carmello Anthony want to have slap and run fights; hey, tough shit. You were all warned! Oh, and Stevie, try earning the money in your contract and shutting that mouth of yours. Nobody cares what washed up never reached their potential superstars have to say about this stuff anyway....


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