Monday, December 18, 2006

Spoop Jackson: AI Can't Get Traded Because He's BLACK?

Spoop Jackson, up to his race baiting again; albeit a bit more subtly. In this week's installment of Spoop's tripe, he brings up the issue of race in the AI trade saga, says it isn't necessarily based on color; but then decides that of course it has SOMETHING to do with color: what doesn't, right?

"Why are Iverson's services not being embraced? By anyone."

Dunno, Spoop, you tell us. We know it couldn't be the contract, his age, his problems with authority, etc. It has to be his race, right? I mean...white owners and black players. Trades. It reeks of slavery and institutional racism. The "man" doesn't want Iverson playing just to show the brothas who run shit, right?

"Ask yourself the question: Would it take Steve Nash this long to be traded if he were on the block? Your honest answer would be, No. Now the question you must ask yourself is "Why?"

Because Steve Nash is WHITE!!! Gotta be that. Gotta be! We all know, whenever a black superstar is on the block or wants traded, it never happens. Ask Vince and Shaq. If they were white, they would have gotten their wish and been traded, and they'd be out of Toronto and LA! What? Oh, they were traded when they demanded to be? Oh, well...that must be some kind of reverse racial preferential racist patronization.

"And before anyone goes there, the analogy is not necessary based on color (although I'd be a hypocrite to say that this has nothing to do with color). I could pose the same question about Gilbert Arenas or Kevin Garnett. Carmelo Anthony, for that matter. But even that's not it. The question of "Why?" with AI is not a question of him being black, but the type of black person he is."

Umm..."before" anyone goes there? Spoop, ya dipshit, YOU already WENT there. And you wouldn't be a hypocrite to say that it has nothing to do with color. Being black and not constantly throwing the race card on the table DOESN't make one a hypocrite, ya heard, Too Short? Ahh, but there it is. It is the TYPE of black person AI is. Funny, since you gave us all those examples of other black guys that probably would be traded in a heartbeat: maybe it really is more the type of PERSON AI is. Leave the black out of the equation. If you can use other examples, and they are black players, then the rules of logic dictate that you can leave the black on the side. Type of person. Let's leave it at that. We wouldn't want to say "type of black person" and reinforce those stereotypes YOU work so hard to breakdown, Spoop.

"His Cablinasian is that of Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Ray Lewis, Jeremy Shockey and Mike Tyson … with something extra."

Cablinasian? Umm...that is someone of caucasian, black, (American) Indian and Asian ancestry. Tiger Woods is the person that coined the word. I'm not even going to pretend to understand WTF Spoop is getting at with that one. Must have been on his word of the day calendar and he decided to force it into his column no matter what.

"And that extra has everything to do with who he is as a person. And that extra is what most of the NBA teams are afraid of."

Fair enough. And if NBA teams are afraid of who he is as a person (and by the way, thanks for changing the "type of black person he is " to "who he is as a person") then what is the problem? NBA teams aren't allowed to consider character and personality when they make trades?

"But mostly they're afraid that the words "mercurial" and "magnet for trouble" that have followed him throughout his career will follow him to their team."

Gotchya, Spoop. Teams shouldn't be concerned with reputation, perception, character or any of those things. They should just sign 8 digit checks and STFU, right?

"And even with all that, we have to ask whether it should have taken this long?"

Agreed. As followers of the NBA, we are the litmus test for deciding who teams should trade for and how long it should take to turn a deal. Oh, you don't mean "we" as in fans? You mean "we" as in brothas? Oh...ok. Sorry, us white fans will stay out of this one. We'll let the brothas decide how teams should spend their millions.

"At the end of every day, every day Iverson remains untraded, a sociological issue in sports goes unanswered. Further reminding us that professional sports is not a game."

Clearly, there is something sinister amidst when an aging superstar, with a checkered past and an enormous contract, can't get traded the very second he demands it. It must be a deeply rooted sociological issue that transcends sports and is symptomatic of our culture (American culture, not hip-hop culture, Spoop...). The idea that the Sixers won't trade him at the drop of a hat for pennies on the dollar. The idea that other teams won't mortgage their future on him. The notion, that NO, sports isn't just a game: it's a billion dollar business and the folks that are at the top of the food chain feel obligated to protect their interests. And in protecting those interests, sometimes people don't get what they want when they want it.

The NBA is not about "type of black person", it is about the color of money.

This has nothing to do with the type of "black person" AI is, Spoop. Plenty of black folks with shadier pasts, more ghetto connections and bigger issues have been traded and picked up by other teams. This has to do with the contract, with the issues with authority, with the attitude and with the NEEDS of the teams involved. As a person, AI's past makes many wonder about his future with their team.


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Well Said.


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