Friday, December 01, 2006

Leave My Smoot Alone!

Fred Smoot, of Vikings' boat party fame, was the target last week of a complaint lodged by a 22 year old woman. Allegedly, Smoot pushed the woman down in his driveway after he got mad at her and told her to leave his house.

Today, police say the complaint has been dropped by the woman, and no charges will be filed. Apparently, two friends with the woman would not substantiate her claims.

"She and two girlfriends met Smoot and his friends at a downtown Minneapolis club, and at closing time on Nov. 21 they were invited to his home. She said Smoot later got mad, saying she had disrespected him. He told her to leave and pushed her down in his driveway about 4 a.m. When she got up, she said, she accidentally kicked his car. Then she and her friends left in a taxi. She said she and her friends had been drinking that evening but she wasn't drunk."

First, I ask you: Does this sound like Fred Smoot's style? To turn women away without at the very least, a lap dance? Brings three woman home and then asks them to leave? PUHLEEZE! That ain't the Fred Smoot we know and ridicule.

Perhaps the most telling bit of the episode:

"The report said that when she went to Eden Prairie police about 1:30 p.m. that day...The woman asked police how to get a restraining order against Smoot, whom she had met that night, and how to sue him."

Anyone get the feeling that that last line pretty much sums up what took place here?

Ho's...this one is even too lazy to earn her dough through lap dances and oral sex, like the girls on the boat. Take a lesson, honey: If you are gonna try and play Fred Smoot, you got's to PLAY Fred Smoot.


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