Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Joe Theisman: Brokers Peace Between Daunte Culpepper and Steve Young

Hey, Steve, you've got something on your lip...

Interesting event during the Jets-Fins Monday Night Football event. Apparently, during his visit to the booth, Steve Young made some comments questioning the work ethic of Dolphins' recovering QB Daunte Culpepper. Young stated that Culpepper was missing meetings and not stepping up. From his comfortable suite seat, Culpepper watched the proceedings and felt he needed to set the record straight.

Culpepper ended up heading to the ESPN booth to let Young know that he was mistaken in his characterization of Culpepper. In what was described as an amicable meeting, Culpepper let Young know that he received some incorrect info, and that the only meetings he missed were due to surgery.

And, thanks be to God for all involved, Joe Theisman sauntered up to the pow wow to ensure that everything stayed peaceful and to get the correct story. Which he later relayed on the air in an effort to clear things up. That Joe, such a diplomat.

Anyway, the part of the story that is of interest to us is this:

"Young said he would like to see Culpepper be more visible and vocal about his desire to take over the Dolphins' quarterback job. He wants to see him step forward, being more of a team leader during his rehabilitation. "

"I want Daunte to let us know,'' Young said. 'I want him to give us that, `I'm going to take this job.' I want Daunte to be that guy. But until he's healthy, he really can't be. I want to perceive him as the new sheriff in town.''

Now, we realize, Steve Young is a Hall of Fame QB, but...seriously; in what world do we live in that Daunte Culpepper has to live up to Young's expectations? If Culpepper is concentrating on getting back in the physical condition to play and meeting coach Nick Saban's expectations of what he expects a guy on IR to be doing: who gives a monkey turd about Young's input or what Young would like to see?

What really gets us is the "but until he's healthy, he really can't be" line. Umm, Steve, if you agree the guy can't be the team leader and can't project the attitude that he is going to take the job until he is recovered and fully rehabbed; then what the hell did you bring any of this up for? Why speculate about Culpepper's work ethic (particularly when you admitted you never checked the rumors out) and why demand that he be the "new sheriff in town" when YOU yourself admit that he can't do it until he is healthy?

Did you know Steve Young has a law degree? How'd you like to have a lawyer that exhibits this sort of logic defending you? Us either.

Bartender, we'd like to buy Steve Young a round. How bout a nice tall glass of "shut the fuck up".


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