Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's All Over But the Crying

Urban Meyer's whining and breath holding was either effective, or premature. Either way, Florida is getting its crack at Ohio St. And the national title.

Meyer began his lobbying almost as soon as Michigan lost to OSU. While there was merit to his argument (and, apparently the voters thought so, too), it was still whiney and early. He started his tantrum while several teams in the mix still had big games on their schedules and things were not even close to played out.

Regardless, the human factor is what gave Florida the bid. The computers had Michigan and UF even. So, clearly, the voters didn't want to see a Michigan-OSU rematch.

We think this is a good thing and that when all is said and done, in spite of the diva like hissy fit pitched by Urban Meyer, that Florida deserves the bid. It seems the main reason folks were calling for Michigan to get the bid was that they LOST by a close score (if you watched the game it was not as close as the score). As convoluted as the BCS is, such reasoning is against the very grain of SPORT, not just football.

Sure, Michigan lost to the number one team by three points. But Florida didn't lose to a chump either. They lost on the road to a team that is currently in the Top Ten. Both teams lost to worthy adversaries in close games. So what. Close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades. The differentiating factor is who they BEAT. Florida wins this argument HANDS DOWN.

Michigan is a very good team. And they are deserving of a pat on the back for the tough fight they gave Ohio State. And as the second place team in the Big Ten, they deserve to represent the conference in the Rose Bowl, in lieu of OSU. What they don't deserve is a shot at the national title. The highlight of their resume is a LOSS. Sure, it was a "better" loss than Florida's. But they don't have wins that match Florida's.

It's been said that the purpose of the BCS is to try to ensure that the two best teams get in the title game. We have an 11-1 team and a 12-1 team. We have 11 Michigan wins to look at. We have 12 Florida wins to look at. Look at those games. Honestly. If you do so, there is no way you can rationalize all those quality wins of Florida being negated by Michigan's close LOSS to OSU.

Lloyd Carr: Your turn to hold your breath and stomp your feet.


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