Monday, December 04, 2006


Schiano to the "U": Eh, oh! Fuggedaboutit. I'm fuggin' stayin' in Jehrsey!

In what must be a sign of the apocolypse, Greg Schiano has shunned Miami to stay at Rutgers. Did you EVER think you would hear of such a thing? Bullshit! You NEVER did.

What stargate have we passed through that a coach is unwilling to leave his job at the State U of NJ for the chance to be the head coach of one of the most successful programs of the past quarter century?

Sure, Schiano is a Jersey guy. I'm sure he is a big fan of diners, big haired Cujinette's and "goin' down the shore". He said all along that leading the Scarlet Knights was his dream job. We certainly didn't believe him. Hell, we played high school football in New Jersey when Lehigh and Colgate were out recruiting Rutgers in the Garden State.

A tip of the hat to Schiano for seeing through what he has started. Oh, and the 20 million dollar 10 year extension that Rutgers is supposedly working up for him certainly makes the chemical filled air in NJ more breatheable, we're sure.

--- Anyone wanna lay odds on Schiano staying at Rutgers when JoePa retires at Penn St.? I'm betting Schiano take over in Happy Valley.


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