Saturday, December 09, 2006

Do Their Weather Forecasts Suck, Too?

Kinda sucked being the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday. In an effort to be at the front of the line with coaching news, they reported that WVU coach Rich Rodriguez was 'Bama bound. Done deal.

"After attending a news conference in Jacksonville, Fla., promoting the 13th-ranked Mountaineers' appearance in the Jan. 1 Gator Bowl, Rodriguez flew home to Morgantown to tell his wife, Rita, and family of their impending Alabama adventure. Now it's unlikely Rodriguez will coach in that bowl.

All along, he reiterated that he planned to finish his coaching career at West Virginia "if they'll have me." Apparently, he didn't believe they would have him at the price of the facilities and BCS-maintaining pace that he desired."

The photo of Rodriguez accompanying the article was entitled "West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez finally threw his hands up and decided to take the Alabama coaching job."

Heck, they even ran another column weighing coaching options for WVU: "Top candidates mentioned to replace Rich Rodriguez"....ummm...they never did say who "mentioned" the candidates.

And then...well, and then Rodriguez actually made his decision. And this morning the Post-Gazette had an article entitled "Rodriguez will remain coach at WVU"...DOH!

For some reason, they didn't mention friday's articles. Can't imagine why!

For those of you wondering about the weather forecasts. Do yourself a favor and don't check the forecast in the P-G!


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