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Chris Simm's Little Brother Leads Team to State Title

During our usual morning perusal of, we came across an item that had plenty of personal interest. There was a link to a video with some highlights of the Don Bosco Prep (this poster is an alum) victory over St. Peter's Prep in a NJ state championship game. It was really a pretty big game nationally in high school ball, as both teams were in the Top 15 in almost all the major high school polls.

Anyway, the video shows the end of the game when Matt Simms, Bosco's Louisville bound QB, sauntered over to heckle the fans of the opposing team after the game. And of course, the ensuing posturing by both teams.

There is a little more to the story than Simms simply acting like a jerk and the Bosco squad acting like the "U". Although, clearly, Simms made a bad move, and the coaches from both squads acted poorly; refusing to shake hands. There is even a report that the St. Peter's coach threw a football at the Bosco cheerleaders (wonder if Mr. DeLillo is still the cheer and dance team coach).

Apparently, a few days before the game, the Bosco players walked out to their practice field and there was a flag planted in it with "SPP" painted on it (St. Peter's Prep). Which, obviously, the Bosco squad took as pretty disrespectful. Prior to the state final matchup, the two teams shared a small indoor warmup area. The Ironmen (Bosco) marched the flag in with them. This lead to some pregame posturing and obviously added fuel to the fire.

During the week prior to the game, one of Bosco's players discovered a message painted on his car, "Will Hill (St. Peter's quarterback) is your daddy. State champs last year and again this year."

Now, Simms certainly should not have gone and taunted the fans ON the St. Peter's sideline; however, he is a kid who has endured a lot. Losses in the previous two state championship games and constant heckling from fans. The crowd chanted at him all game long: "Not your brother" and"Daddy's better". Earlier this season, one crowd chanted, "Where's your spleen?", a reference to older brother Chris' surgery earlier in the year.

The teams refused to shake hands and New Jersey State Police had to break up a shoving and shouting match at midfield.

After the game, Simms was given a box that had been delivered to the school Wednesday from a UPS Store in Bayonne. The box contained a pair of cleats with "SPP" and "Hunt for two" scribbled across them, along with a letter from "your friends at the Marauder Nation." The note also said, "Good luck Friday, hope the shoes fit," referring to the ones Simms wore all season, with scores from the past two State finals written on them.

In spite of all the pre-game nonsense, Bosco dominated the game and won 41-0. Completing a season in which the Ironmen not only dominated the state of NJ (the polls had Bosco and St. Peters 1 and 2), but took 3 powerful out of state teams down as well.


At 4:11 PM, Anonymous swampfox said...

It is interesting how you fail to mention Don Bosco fans posting a racist picture of WILL HILL, the ST. PETERS black quarterback on the web. Picture covered his face with a gorilla face, with him holding a banana in one hand and a computer in the other and his number said 25 to life. This was not the first racist picture associated with Don Bosco.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger ojarhead said...

actually it's not very interesting.

i didn't know about it.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who posted it? What if it was one of the many black players on DBP, and they really thought the SPP QB looked like a gorilla? Would that be racist? Stop the racist finger pointing if you don't know who did it. Take that finger and stick it up your ass. DBP 41 SPP 0. You are a bitter SPP fan. Face it, you were lucky to win last year and DBP turned you out like a prison bitch this year. How many D-1 scholarships have your boys gotten the last few years? You been putting guys into Notre Dame, Boston College, Cal, Louisville, FSU, Wisconsin, Rutgers and so DBP. Nope. Get over it. DBP owns football in NJ.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous swampfox said...

You prove my point about the kind of person coaching and being produced by Don Bosco. THERE is something ROTTEN going on down there.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, if you are a St. Peter's dork, it would be "up there", bosco is north of you. Second, i didn't go to bosco. So, there is no evidence to support any theory you may have shit out of you little mind based on me.

Third of all, you are the typical Jersey City/St. Peter's representative. Suffering from a virile inferiority complex.

Look, you are stuck with a second rate education in a city that is the armpit of the state that is the armpit of America.

I know it hurts. And I also know, if you get out and move to Bergen County and go to a school like bosco, you would. But you can't.

So be happy with what you have and who you are. No matter how little both may be.

In the words of St. John of Turin, "Blow me, swampfox."

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when Muhammad Ali said he was gonna beat the "gorilla in manila" and smacked around a life-sized gorilla doll in a sparring ring to make fun of Joe Frazier, that was racist, too... right?

Look, swampfox... if you don't know who did it, you don't know shit...

(btw, I am not the same anonymous as above)

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really making a reference to Ali fighting Frazier and equating it to St Peters Don Bosco? Thats a bit ridiculous don't you think? St. Peters is not a second rate education. Also, they have sent a number of players all over the country to D1 schools in the last ten years: Michigan, West Virginia, Nebraska, Virginia, Notre Dame, BC just to name a few. Yeah Don Bosco won. However, let's not start making ubsurd claims that hame no merit

At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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