Saturday, December 30, 2006

At the Water Cooler

Well, good news for Alabama (we guess)....someone wants the head coach job there..."I don't know where we're going from here," said Joe Kines, the interim coach and defensive coordinator for Alabama. "I would give anything to be the head coach at Alabama."

Jason Taylor isn't the only defensive player of the year candidate speaking out against Shawne Merriman...Champ Bailey has some choice words on the issue, too...

Funny, a punter has the cajones to own up to testing positive for a banned substance...too bad a certain toughguy linebacker doesn't... “I took (ephedra),” said new Patriots punter Todd Sauerbrun, before saying that he knew it was banned. “I made that choice, I made that mistake, I paid for it."

Is Tiki Barber paying attention in team meetings, or is his mind on his post football plans...hey, at least the guy isn't falling asleep in there, right TO?...


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