Friday, November 17, 2006

You don't say...

Seminoles offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden told the players he was sorry if his resignation caused a problem. Left tackle Mario Henderson said. ``He did a good job of helping not make it seem like anything's going on.''

Interesting…the Seminole’s offensive performance for the last few years gave the same exact statement…

Famed boxing trainer and HBO analyst Teddy Atlas has been helping Eric Mangini and the Jets: "I went out there to Hofstra, and (Mangini) told me they had New England coming up and they'd lost seven games in a row (to them)," Atlas said. "I talked to him about things I would hope would elicit some response. I said when Tyson was fighting, his greatest strength was other people's weaknesses. I told the players, before Buster Douglas, you realized (Tyson's opponents) were defeated not because they couldn't fight but because they didn't. I said, why don't you just go out against New England and play them?"

Teddy Atlas advises the Jets to just play them, and they win…umm, are we sure that we wanna keep calling Mangini a young genius?


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