Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You don't say...

John Bunting said Tuesday that he will offer his help to Butch Davis -- if Davis wants it.

Umm….thanks, but no thanks, Coach Bunting…you have done QUITE enough…you just focus your little mind on Duke and Futility Bowl 2006, mmkay?….

On his resignation, Jeff Bowden said: "My biggest regret is that I won't be here the next time Coach Bowden gets to hold up the crystal ball [signifying a national title].

No worries, Jeff…Pops will be long gone before FSU is doing anything with a crystal ball but trying to see the future...

"To be honest with you, my belief is Michigan has some tremendous fronts. Both of their fronts are as good as there is in the country," Michigan State coach John L. Smth said. "My belief is that Ohio State has a little bit more capability of making plays when they don't really have a play, just based from their skills guys making something happen. And I'd think the advantage would have to go to Ohio State because they're at home."

And Smith ought to know…he got steamrolled in back to back weeks by these teams…the guy can’t coach a lick…but he might have a future as an analyst…


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