Friday, November 10, 2006

You don't say...

The intro to Peter King’s Fantasy Things weekly 10 tips : “Onto this week's intelligence, and I use that word loosely”…

PETER! Finally, something we can 100% agree on!

Everybody loves to talk about how “fun” (Chad) Johnson is. Wake me when people start talking about Johnson being a “winner.” – Jason Whitlock in this week’s 10 Truths

DOH!!! Scoop Jackson is not gonna like THAT!

Don’t be too quick to jump off the Bears bandwagon just because they played poorly against the Miami Dolphins. The Bears really missed big-play receiver Bernard Berrian. – also from Jason Whitlock in this week’s 10 truths

DOH! Jay Mariotti is NOT gonna like that!

His former team is trying to collect more than $600,000 in fines for missing training camp and other team workouts and a portion of his signing bonus. Lelie's base salary this season is $600,000. "It hasn't died down yet," Lelie said. "It seems kind of petty. We're like halfway into the season and they are still nagging me about chump change when you look at (the league) as a billion dollar organization, this is chump change. Still, it's not over yet. I have to go over the legal stuff to see how that turns out." Lelie was traded to Atlanta late in training camp. Lelie had to sign a letter of recognition that the team could seek damages before the trade was consummated. "That's what I was afraid of from the beginning," Lelie said. signed a paper saying that you recognized their right to seek the were afraid of it from the know, after you signed the paper...and now you are surprised they want their money?...Ashley Lelie: Rhodes Scholar!


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