Monday, November 06, 2006

You don't say...

"We are better than Baltimore," said wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who seems to have supplanted Johnson as Palmer's go-to receiver. "We know we're better than Baltimore, and they know it. We've got better players than they do."

Fair enough…but…he said this AFTER the Ravens won…do the Bengals’ receivers live on another planet?...remember a few weeks ago…Scoop Jackson saying that the problem with Cincy is that Chad J hadn’t been running his suck?...well…the past two weeks CJ has run at the mouth…and it hasn’t helped…

Peyton Manning looks like he's ready to win the big one to me. I'm not saying the Colts will necessarily. Turnovers are funny things, and I could see New England winning a game in the RCA Dome in January, even a game in which Manning plays well. But I would like to put that annoying he-can't-win-the-big-one story to bed. A quarterback just can't play better than Manning's playing.– Peter King, MMQB column

Hmmm…way to go out on a limb, Peter...Manning looks like he is ready, but you ain’t gonna say the Colts will make the leap? Why not? You will just pretend you never said it if it doesn’t happen…AND you want to put the idea that Manning can’t win the big one to rest BEFORE he actually does win a big one…ie, in the playoffs?...I am not the official authority on this…but I’m pretty sure…YOU CAN’T DO THAT…dumbass….

“Marvin Harrison was supposed to be a nonfactor in this game, but he played at a Jerry Rice level.” – sorry, it’s Peter King….again

Peter didn’t mention….HE IS THE ONE that said Harrison would be a nonfactor in the first place…sheesh…

Even Jerome Bettis has given up on the Steelers. Bettis, an analyst on NBC's "Football Night in America" studio show, had this to say about his former team after its 31-20 loss: "It is officially over. Week after week I said, 'They're a better football team than they look, they'll come around.' "They're not coming around and they're not a better football team. When you turn the ball over game after game after game, that means you're a bad football team. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a bad football team right now."

Ya think?...


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