Friday, November 03, 2006

You don't say...

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells told Tony Romo not to look over his shoulder, and in turn, Romo thanked Parcells for the chance and told him it took guts to make the change from early-season starter Drew Bledsoe. "I said don't be looking back, somebody might be gaining on you," Parcells said. Parcells also noted that Romo signed a one-year contract extension during the preseason. "That told me that he was confident that he was going to get the opportunity and that when he got it, he could do something with it," Parcells said.

Umm…yeah…well…or it might tell you that the backup QB wanted to ensure a paycheck for another year…

From Jason Whitlock’s “10 truths”: Someone better tell the experts jumping on the Michael Vick bandwagon that the 16-game NFL schedule is a marathon. I’ll wait to sing Vick’s praises until he’s headed for the homestretch.We’ve seen Vick have bouts of good passing days before. Just last season, Vick completed 62 percent of his passes, seven TDs and one interception in the month of November.Hey, I’m not rooting against Vick. I just need to see more than two good games before I’ll believe he’s turned the corner and is now willing to put in the proper amount of work preparing for games.

Glad to see someone isn’t jumping on the bandwagon just yet…I wonder if Whitlock read the post here a few days ago….

Western Kentucky University will move to compete in Division I-A football next year.

"I think that the greatest benefit is going to be the prestige and the perception, the value of the WKU brand," athletics director Wood Selig said.

Tough to argue that…what is more prestigious than being homecoming fodder for BCS conference teams…if people weren’t aware of you as a 1-AA team that won a national title a few years ago…I’m sure they will stand up and take notice as you patrol the bottom of the Sun Belt Conference…absorbing beatings and cashing the accompanying paychecks each week…I just hope the guys that figure out the BCS rankings are prepared for your arrival…


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