Thursday, November 02, 2006

You don't say...

"I want what's best for the team. If that's Charlie Batch being in there, then that's Charlie Batch being in there," Roethlisberger said. "I want what's best for this team to help it win. "I'm not going to cry and complain about getting pulled. My job is to go out and play good football, so that there isn't even a decision to be made."

Seems like Big Ben would not be averse to some pine time…let’s face it…the guy is banged up physically and mentally…there is no shame in admitting he needs a break…the guy is young and has a lot of years ahead of him…why jeopardize them…

Najeh Davenport on a new role as a third down back: "I enjoy playing football," Davenport said, "so it doesn't really matter what I have to do -- covering kicks, making first downs or catching passes out of the backfield, picking up blitzes, as long as I'm playing."

Couldn’t agree more…as long as Najeh is playing…laundry hampers around the world remain safe…

“Vince has talked to his agent about the idea,” one of Carter’s closest friends says. “He wonders if he could patch things up with the Raptors. He even wants the idea floated to the Raptors privately. “Listen, you have to understand that Vince was unhappy with the old management, but he respects (new general manager) Bryan Colangelo and he’s always loved Toronto and its fans.”

Umm…yeah….I’m sure after the tank job that Vince pulled to get out of there, that he will be welcomed back with open arms…what happens if he becomes disenchanted with the new management?...the precedent has already been set…

Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher on the recent one game suspension and situation involving PacMan Jones: "This is the defining moment in his career," Fisher said.

Pretty stellar career, there….when it is defined by your inability to cease and desist from spitting in women’s faces….


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