Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You don't say......

Cowher wouldn't speculate if Roethlisberger's repeated health issues -- his motorcycle wreck, appendectomy and multiple concussions -- have factored into his falloff in play. "That's a hard question to answer," he said. "It's all speculation."

Yea, it would be real speculative to suggest that a guy getting his head smashed by a car, having an unexpected operation and receiving bone crunching hits to a head still mending from the aforementioned car- butting might be struggling because of all his body and mind have been through…if Cowher finds this to be a difficult question, maybe he isn’t as smart as he is given credit for…it’s simple math: (HEAD SMASHED BY LARGE MOVING METAL OBJECT + UNEXPECTED OPERATION) * MULTIPLE HITS TO HEAD AND BODY = DEFLATED CONFIDENCE + DIMINISHED PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE….

"We're proud of the standup way Shawne has taken responsibility for the mistake he made. We have faith in Shawne Merriman and we have faith in the players on this team. The Chargers have been resilient all season long, and we will continue to be resilient. It's a tough lesson learned for Shawne about the world of supplements."

Ummm…standup way he has taken responsibility? The guy used the patented “tainted supplements” excuse….and has NEVER told us what the supplements he took were....which would be the key in sorting this out...and as noted in an earlier post on this blog, he tested positive for NANDROLONE...Way to be a standup guy, Shawne…..your courageous standup approach to responsibly handling this incident is an example BALCO would be proud of…..

''I don't think he'd get half the criticism if his name ain't Bowden,'' Bobby Bowden said Monday. ''How can I have nine coaches and it's always one guy's fault?''

Now, I wouldn’t even suggest it is time for Bobby to pack it in (as some perturbed Seminole fans might), but it IS time for Bobby to take a page out of JoePa’s book...change is hard, but change is good...Happy Valley has been smiling a lot more since Joe made some changes up there…..folks in Tallahassee aren’t going to be smiling much unless Bobby follows suit…..

During the game Saturday, Kinchen was explaining the need for receivers to make catches with their hands because they are "tender" and can "caress" the ball. He then paused and said, "that's kind of gay, but hey ..."

The PC police have hauled in their latest apprehension….Kinchen was suspended from duty for this coming weekend’s games….how many of us use the same expression “that’s gay” when describing something?....I hate to be the one to break everyone’s hearts; but, football is a sport played by and generally followed by guys….and, guys have a tendency to use the words “that’s gay” when something seems effeminate to them….it’s not a slur…it’s not homophobic…it’s not slanderous…if it hurts your feelings to hear someone say “that’s gay”…..then….you know what…..YOU’RE gay…..

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At 8:10 PM, Blogger Sports Bettor said...

God, Peter King sucks. He should be the King of sucking.


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