Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WISCONSIN!!!!!....We said: SHUT UP!

We have already posted twice about this here and here. But apparently, Wisconsin just doesn't care. Imagine that!

Having a never say die attitude is wonderful. It helps teams and people beat the odds and accomplish things they might never have been able to do. However, when you cross the line and hold out completely unrealistic hopes or refuse to believe that the rules apply to you...well, you end up just looking like a jackass.

With that in mind, we are looking at Wisconsin.

"The world of college football is very unique and very strange," Bielema said during a news conference Monday. "Every weekend there's a few things that pop up that surprise the outside world."

That is how Bret Bielema, Wisconsin's coach, views things. And he is holding out hope for no less than two stange and unique happenings:

1) Somehow, with neither team having a game left, for Wisconsin to jump from 8th in the BCS and leapfrog Michigan.
2) For the rules that only two teams from a conference can go to the BCS games not to apply.

It takes vision to lead a big time football program. It takes optimism. It takes a never say die attitude. But clearly, Bielema is leading his program with delusion.

"There are (five) teams in front of us and two of them play each other," Bielema said, with Notre Dame at Southern California on Saturday. "The others have opponents coming up that could be a toss-up game for them. I know eight minus four is four. I know there is a rule in the BCS that the top four teams automatically get BCS bowl berths."

Clearly, Bielema's hope is that all the teams ahead of him lose a game (which may happen) and that might vault the Badgers into the top 4. And the top 4 automatically get bids.

The only problem is that little rule about only 2 teams from one conference getting bids. And it trumps the top 4 rule.

So the reality of the situation is this: There is only one team that Wisconsin needs to pass. Michigan. And Michigan already beat Wisconsin, they don't play another game and Wisconsin doesn't play another game. So regardless if USC, ND, Florida, Arkansas or West Virginia lose ALL their remaining games, if Wisconsin doesn't pass Michigan, they CAN'T go!


Stop! Stop holding on to these crazy dreams and coming up with these insane scenarios and only reading one section of the BCS rules. JUST STOP.

If Michigan doesn't lose again, YOU CAN NOT PASS THEM IN THE RANKINGS. And we just checked the schedule and guess what? MICHIGAN DOES NOT PLAY AGAIN!

How can this be any clearer? How?


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