Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ranking the Top Ten (after happy hour)

Long day at work, and after a stop for happy hour and several discounted bourbon and waters, we feel that after 13 weeks of college football, we know enough to give a dead on accurate Top Ten.

Let's preface this by saying we put much stock in the records and schedules of the teams you beat. If you are 9-2 and the only teams on your schedule that had winning records beat you...peace! You ain't in our rankings. We will take an 8-3 team that maybe played a crappy game and lost to one team that didn't have a great record, BUT has wins over good competition, over the 9-2 team we just mentioned, any day (yeah, I know that was an awkward sentence...the bourbon). Anyway, if you didn't beat anybody worth a shit...you ain't worth a shit in our poll. If you beat someone that was #12 in week 2, but now is 6-6 or unranked...we don't care. All that tells us is that team was way f'ing over rated early in the year. #'s 7-10 are pretty much interchangeable. Some of them have beaten each other. And others just don't have that BIG win to differentiate themselves.

The Bourbon Top 10:

10) LSU: Yeah, they have two losses and there are a few other one loss teams out there, but they have better wins than Wisconsin and Rutgers.

9)West Virginia: That offense just looks so damned good. Don't really have the big win. Maryland seems like the best team they have beaten. However, I'm telling you, if they beat Rutgers, they leapfrog Louisville. I don't care if Louisville beat them.

8)Louisville: Obviously, that loss to Rutgers after the WVU win ruined their season. Funny, Rutgers fell into the same big game hangover after they beat 'Ville.

7) Notre Dame: Disclosure: Huge ND fan. Probably judge them too harshly as a result. But the reality is that the best win is over 9-2 Georgia Tech. The wins over 8-4 Purdue and Penn State, with records bloated feasting on a crappy Big 10 under caste, just aren't enough to get them higher...but it is enough to get them above the Big East boys who can't even really boast of bigger wins than that.

6) Boise State: Seems high, huh? Well, they have beaten everyone on their schedule and their quality wins over 7-4 Oregon St (who has beaten USC) and 9-2 Hawaii certainly match the best wins of the teams with losses behind them.

5) Florida: The wins at Tennessee and over LSU were quality wins. They have taken heat for not being overly impressive in a lot of their games. The loss at Auburn was a game they could have won. Compared to the one loss teams ranked ahead of them, Florida just hasn't been as impressive. They get their chance to prove otherwise head to head with Arkansas, tho.

4) Michigan: Michigan is a very good team. The win at ND was impressive. Other than that, their most impressive game was a loss. They beat 11-1 Wisconsin, who has played no one (the only teams they beat with winning records were Penn St and Purdue, not impressive). Other than the blowout in South Bend, Michigan can't match the wins of the teams we have ahead of them. They just can't. If USC or Arkansas lose one of their remaining games, obviously, Big Blue moves up.

Comment: Everyone that has Michigan #2 touts that blowout at South Bend as being a big part of the reason. Yet, the same people say ND is overrated and hasn't beaten anyone. If ND is so overrated and hasn't beaten anyone, how the hell can Michigan's win over them hold so much weight? You can't have it both ways. If you think ND is over rated and has no big wins (and we kinda do) then you have to reflect that in Michigan's ranking (and we do).

3) Arkansas: The wins at Auburn and over Tennessee are more impressive to us than Michigan's wins at ND and over Wisconsin. As stated, Wisconsin ain't beat a team worth a damn this year. Yeah, the Hogs got hog-tied by USC. It was early in the year...we have USC as #2....so what the hell.

2) USC: Have been knocked because they haven't been as dominant this year as past years. But so what! Christ, they are playing so many underclassmen and STILL have been, in our minds, the best team outside of Columbus. The Oregon St. loss was a crapfest for USC, but losing that tight game seems to have woken them the hell up. They have been very tough since. Blowing out Stanford (as they should) and also overwhelming Oregon and Cal. If they beat ND and UCLA, I think that loss to Oregon St is easily forgiveable. A win over ND, and no one can touch their non-conference wins, and from top to bottom, the Pac-10 is much better than the Big 10. They have to get the nod over Michigan.

1) Ohio State: Yea, big shock. As the season has worn on, we aren't as impressed with the Texas win as we were at the time, but they have taken on all comers and pretty much dominated. Only real poor performance was Illinois, but that is easily forgiven. Even though we feel Texas is overated, they were still ranked #2 at the time, and that is a hell of an accomplishment to beat two #2's in the season.


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