Saturday, November 25, 2006

On The Wire:

After upending Arkansas, LSU is proudly thumping its chest and extolling the virtues that they bring to the BCS table. Wisconsin had been doing the same thing, for no apparant reason. At least LSU does have a legit reason to stump...if Florida knocks off Arkansas; LSU probably will get the second SEC bid.

An argument that South Carolina-Clemson should be considered amongst the great college football rivalries. Sure, they hate each other...but, one of the key ingredients in being held in the same high esteem as the great ones: There has to be a national interest. Outside the Palmetto State....who cares?

Apparently, someone cares about UNC-DUKE : "We want to win this game bad because it's our next game." UNC Wide Receiver Jesse Holley (check out "Jesse Holley for Heisman" , very funny) said. "We want to beat Duke because a big rivalry is at stake. We don't want to lose the Victory Bell to those guys." So...umm...yeah...big rivalry...a bell...the star power of Jesse Holley...yeah...the nation waits on the edge of their seats...

A few weeks ago, the Oklahoma-OSU game seemed to be just for state bragging, with A&M dumping Texas (we've been posting they were over rated all year)...OU is playing for a spot in the Big 12 title game.


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