Friday, November 10, 2006

NOW let the argument begin....

Ok. The other day we posted that all this debate about whether Louisville deserved to be in the BCS title game was premature, because they wouldn't get past Rutgers. We just wanted to pat ourselves on the back for being correct and calling that Louisville would not win because Rutgers would win the battles on both lines of scrimmage and keep UL from getting those 2nd and shorts that they had all game against WVU. Peter King, take note: It isn't that hard to be right when you predict games. In fact, apparantly you don't even have to be a football expert. You can just be a moron, like us. At least that is what it says in some of the emails we get.

Enough self aggrandizement. Now, let the debate begin as to who is the worthy one loss team. Rutgers won't be in the picture regardless of if they run the table. They started back way too far and can't possibly make up the ground in the BCS rankings. So, we won't even bother addressing that.

Let's begin the beauty pageant of one loss teams vying to be Miss Congeniality to OSU or Michigan:

Texas: The defending champs sure have a nice high rating. Funny, everyone complained that Louisville didn't deserve a crack at the glass football because they played a weak schedule and let up tons of yards in the WVU game. Texas hasn't exactly played the hardest schedule in the nation AND they let up over 500 yards against a mediocre Texas Tech team. Why no bitching? Wins over a solid but not spectacular OU team and simply an above average Nebraska team are the high points. A spanking at home by Ohio St. is the low point. Yea, it was early in the season. Yea, Colt McCoy was probably wearing Pampers for that one. So what? They still got spanked at home. Everyone wants to count out Notre Dame because of an early season home field beat down and no marque wins. Let's apply that same sentiment to Texas.

Florida: Well, can't really knock the schedule. Only teams with losing records were UCF and Vandy. Loss was a close one out on the plains. Look to have a good shot at running the table, then have the SEC title game. At this point, it seems that if they can pull that off, they would be a legit BCS title game participant.

Auburn: Schedule not quite as challenging as UF, but they DID beat UF. Suffered that rough loss to Arkansas on their home turf. Feeling here is, if they don't make the SEC title game, they don't have a legit claim to the BCS title game.

USC: Solid non-conference blow-out win at Arkansas and a win at home over an above average Nebraska squad. Obviously, the loss to Oregon St. hurts the cause, but the Trojans have three tough games left: Cal, Oregon and ND. If they run the table, would be hard to keep the Trojans out of the title game. 3 quality non-conference wins (I don't think any other team can match those non-conference wins) and a PAC 10 title would be hard to lock out.

The rest of the contending one loss teams: Cal, ND and Arkansas all really probably need the other one loss teams ahead of them to lose to have a crack.

Of course, some might also contend that if the OSU-Michigan game is a close one, the loser would deserve to be the one loss BCS title participant.

We'll have to see how it plays out, but right now it looks like Florida or USC (if they can run the table) will have the best crack at it.


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