Sunday, November 26, 2006

Notre Dame has left the building

USC dominated the Irish. They were able to pressure Brady Quinn early on, and the Trojan offense was able to get off to a quick start that ND could not match. In spite of that, ND had some chances and couldn't capatilize. All in all, USC handled the Irish about as effectively as Michigan did.

The thin opening for the Irish to make the title game has been officially slammed shut. ND will probably get an at large BCS bid, and will probably get a lot of gripe from the haters and teams with similar records that are left out (we're looking at YOU SEC teams). But the bottom line is ND is cash money. And the BCS series of bowls is cash money. So, an eligible ND team and a BCS bowl go together like sex with Jenna Jamison and a shot of penicillin.

The games with Michigan and USC exposed how far ND still has to go to be back in the picture as a serious contender. But Weiss does deserve credit for taking ND to the point now that they win the games they are supposed to win. Davie and Willingham weren't able to do that consistantly.

Well, looks like things are now down to this:

-USC beats UCLA and they get Ohio St.
-USC loses to UCLA and Michigan gets 'em again
-Sorry Florida, just not gonna happen (cut to Urban Meyer temper tantrum)


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