Sunday, November 26, 2006

Michael Vick: Does His Marcus Vick Impression

A few weeks ago, some folks were ready to give Michael Vick a statue in Canton. After two nice passing games in a row there were declarations that his potential had been fulfilled. But what might be reality is starting to set in in Atlanta.

After 4 straight losses in which the Falcons have failed to put up more than 14 points in a game, and one dismal performance after another, it seems things are approaching a breaking point in ATL. The owner has said he is going to "evaluate" all facets of the organization. Can you blame the guy? He made Vick the highest payed player in the league and has nothing but the occassional flash of Vick's "potential" to show for it.

Factor the owner's dissatisfaction in with the losing streak and Jim Mora, Sr's comments about Vick being a "coach killer", and you end up with an angry Vick storming off the field flipping off fans and throwing F bombs at them as well (haven't found any pics of it on the net yet, but they showed clips on TV).

Things are gonna get real interesting in Hotlanta!


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