Thursday, November 02, 2006

Merriman: Not So Fast.....

Having read the previous post condemning Merriman for not being aware of what is in the supplements that he is taking. I think a rebuttal is in order.

Merriman tested positive for nandrolone. This compound has seen a spike in positive tests since the late 1990’s. Nandrolone is a slow acting compound that can take up to 18 months to be fully metabolized and out of the user’s system. So, any athlete that would would use nandrolone/deca while being subject to testing….is a moron. The increase in positives for nandrolone has to come from somewhere.

That brings us to the “tainted supplement” excuse. The reality of the situation is this: the supplement industry is NOT highly regulated. The FDA does not ensure that companies actually put what they say on the label in the bottles. Basically, this is a billion dollar industry that no one is checking. If you have a company and want to gain an advantage over competitors….and know that no one is watching, well, the opportunity to put something “extra” in the product to heighten the results certainly exists. The majority of this spike in positive tests for nandrolone has been attributable to 19-norandrosterone, one of the andro substances that is a metabolite of nandrolone. An unregulated industry with the potential to make lots of money sure could put athletes at risk for positive testing. The athlete is working under the assumption that the label accurately reflects the content.

A study was commissioned by the IOC in 2000 to ascertain the presence of banned substances in nutrional supplements. Non-hormonal supplements (these would NOT include andro and its derivatives) were screened for anabolic-androgenic agents that were not listed on the label. Results were published in 2002. Surprisingly, the results for the US products show: 240 products tested with 45 testing positive (meaning that the label did NOT list any ingredients that would cause a positive test, yet the ingredients were present). That is 18.8%.

I know the previous post essentially slaps at Merriman for calling himself a victim and not accepting personal responsibility. But, there is a significant statistical chance that what he thought he was taking was NOT what was in the bottle.

This case isn’t as cut and dried as many believe.

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