Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Make up your minds!

Louisville may be in line for a title shot, but you have to wonder: does a team that gave up 540 yards deserve a shot at the national crown? No team has ever reached the BCS title game having given up that many yards in a game. The Cardinals did exactly what they needed to -- they beat West Virginia, but it wasn't exactly the dominating game you'd want from a team with national title aspirations, though you can say the same for one-loss Florida. The debate of a one-loss team passing Louisville hinges on whether the Ohio State-Michigan loser is out of the hunt, but should the 'Cards get in over Auburn, Florida or Texas? Louisville is in a virtual tie with Texas in the polls, meaning not everyone's enamored with the Cards. The fact is, L'ville's margin of error is slim. They must win in impressive fashion.All Out Blitz cnnsi.com

There sure seems to be a lot of backlash all of a sudden. Before the UL-WVU game, everyone was talking about the resurgence of the Big East, rating them as one of the top conferences. Now, all of a sudden, everyone is trying to squeeze one of the one loss teams ahead of Louisville (we don’t think Louisville will finish undefeated anyway, tho). Hypocrisy abounds. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say the Big East is back among the power conferences and then knock the team at the top of the conference. If the Big East is back and someone goes undefeated in that league: How can you avoid putting them in the BCS title game? If you say they don’t deserve to be in the title game (after going undefeated in the Big East)…well, then…stop talking about the Big East being legit.

Complaining that Louisville didn’t completely manhandled a team ranked #3 sure seems like a petty gripe. Michigan and Ohio St. struggled this week against inferior competition. Texas has had several tight Saturdays against teams either not ranked or ranked far below them. Florida hasn’t been blowing people out. But everyone wants to knock Louisville because they beat the #3 ranked team by only 10 points?

Look, we don’t believe the Big East is as good as the hype has been the past few weeks (see earlier post as to why), but if the media is going to hype the Big East as being right up there behind the SEC; well, they have to accept the top team in the conference as being a contender. When Louisville loses, then start debating which one loss team deserves a crack at the glass football. Until then: YOU (the media) have proliferated this resurgence to power of the Big East, to try to squeeze out their top teams reeks of hypocrisy and ulterior motive.


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK... a wild scenario: Rutgers takes down both UL and WVU. Does a one loss team beat out Rutgers for a spot in the game? Probably more likely a yes in this case than if UL is unbeaten.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger ojarhead said...

i think you are right...more likely...with Rutgers history, even an undefeated season isn't enough...


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