Friday, November 24, 2006

LSU-Arkansas: The picture becomes clearer

For the past few weeks the bellyaching about the BCS and who will be in the title game has been non-stop. Which one loss team will get to go? Complaints that the BCS is flawed and sucks. Hate and discontent.

Sure, the BCS isn't perfect. But, generally, things seem to somehow pan out. Not long ago, there were about 6 teams hoping to stake a claim to a shot at the title game. Now it's really down to about 3. And of that only 2 really have a shot. We are going to hear Urban Meyer doing some more bitching if Florida beats Arkansas, but it won't matter.

-The Big East teams ensured that none of them would come out alive.

-LSU just ensured Arkansas is done.

So, that leaves us three with a claim: Michigan, USC and Florida. Some would say ND still is in the mix, but we can't see anyway they are gonna jump Michigan, even with a win over USC. That beatdown in South Bend may have been early in the year, but ND haters have kept it fresh in everyone's mind.

-USC: If they beat ND, they are going.

-Michigan: We believe if USC loses, Michigan is in.

-Florida: Not gonna get the nod. If they beat Arkansas and USC loses, Michigan is still going to get in ahead of them.


-USC beats ND. Love the Irish, but USC is clicking right now and ND just doesn't have the D.

-We also think (and hope) that Arkansas is going to knock of Florida. We hope so, anyway. We are going to hear enough arguments about whether it should be USC or Michigan. There will be no room for Urban Meyer's temper tantrums.


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