Saturday, November 04, 2006

The King of Flip Flop

Ok. I know we pick on Peter King a lot here; but come on, Peter!

This is what Peter King wrote in his fantasy picks LAST week:

"Don't fall into the David Garrard trap. He might play this week, but Jack Del Rio is not ready to bench Byron Leftwich beyond one game to get healthy."

Ok. Now, this is what Peter says THIS week:

"Trade Byron Leftwich while he's still got a little value. If David Garrard wins this week at home against Tennessee, he'll be the Jacksonville quarterback."

Of course, he came up with this brilliant insight AFTER Leftwich made it known that Garrard would start.

We just listened to Peter on NBC during half time of the Notre Dame game. Peter said he thinks Garrard will be the starter for the rest of the season.

Is it just me, or could a developmentally disabled monkey make these fantasy suggestions?

The part that kills us: King drops these new pearls of wisdom and NEVER mentions that just last week he was spouting the EXACT opposite.

Does anyone know, are there ANY qualifications to becoming the football guru on CNNSI? Do they even care that this guy is almost NEVER right in his picks and insights? I mean, the only time he is right is AFTER the fact when the info is readily available for all. We used to mock Peter for writing about his daughter's softball and coffee. Little did we know, those are the only things he actually knows about.


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