Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The King of Fantasy Football

Peter King has a column he does each week called “Fantasy Plus”….let’s have a gander at a true football expert’s picks…and the outcomes this week:

1. This is the week St. Louis struggles to run. Scott Linehan has too much respect for what he calls the best nosetackle in football, Jamal Williams, and another excellent tackle, Luis Castillo, to force Steven Jackson where he may not prosper. The St. Louis play this week, if you don't have Torry Holt (poor you): rookie tight end Joe Klopfenstein. He's averaging a gaudy 16.9 yards per catch (3.5 yards more than Terrell Owens), and Marc Bulger likes him and trusts him a lot.

Ok…you could argue that King was at least in the 10 ring…tho not a bullseye….with the call that Linehan wouldn’t force the run…the Rams still broke 100 yards on the ground and Jackson ran 18-84 and had a TD, tho…not a terrible day…however, if you took King’s advice to play Klopfenstein…that was terrible…1 catch for 3 yards…on a day that Bulger tosses 40 passes for over 300 yards…I don’t think Klopfenstein was feeling liked or trusted much…as for Torry Holt: 5-48 and no TD’s (poor you)….

2. The game has a field-goal feel to me. St. Louis' defense has held four of six foes to 20 points or fewer, and San Diego has the top-rated defense in the league. Nate Kaeding and Jeff Wilkins (combined 21 for 21 inside the 40 this year) should be played -- or traded for.

Moving right along…two field goals total between the…some “feel” for this game...I know frostbite victims that have more feeling...

3. Don't fall into the David Garrard trap. He might play this week, but Jack Del Rio is not ready to bench Byron Leftwich beyond one game to get healthy.

Not exactly sure what the Garrard trap is…BUT, the Jags did win with him starting…and so far, Del Rio hasn’t announced a starter for this week…I assume the Garrard trap is that someone is gonna waive or trade the QB they have and pick up Garrard in hopes he starts the rest of the season?...ummm….yeah, Peter…I’m sure fantasy players around the country are thanking you for THAT heads up...should I avoid stepping on banana peels, too?...

* Leftwich told reporters that Del Rio told him...that despite Leftwich's improved health...Garrard will be the starter...think maybe Del Rio is just trying to spite Peter?...

4. Got Cards, Packers? Play 'em -- unless they happen to be the ankle-sprained Greg Jennings. Arizona and Green Bay, collectively, have allowed 728 yards and 51 points per game this year.

Ok, the D’s are swiss cheese, so both teams are gonna rack up big numbers on the field and in fantasy…Ahman Green racked up some nice fantasy points…that’s it…in my league, Favre was the only other guy in double digits (10 points)….you may as well have played Jennings…

5. Play Laurence Maroney. Not because the Patriots back is going home to the Metrodome, where he prospered as a collegian at Minnesota, but because he's going to be running on the rug. And I don't buy that Minnesota's got the best run defense in the league, though that's where the Vikes are ranked.

Umm…Yea…Maroney ran wild…8-34 and 0 TD’s….and no fantasy points...another sterling tip…guess Peter not buying that the Vikes can stop the run really doesn't matter...

6. Because you should never bench great players, play Peyton Manning -- with an asterisk. If your backup quarterback is Damon Huard (assuming he's healthy and plays) or any slightly better, I'd give it some thought.

Wow…play Peyton Manning?...pretty bold advice, Peter…I dunno, I was gonna trade him for Sage Rosenfels…

7. Speaking of Huard, there are reports he hurt himself in practice. But if he can go, notice the Seahawks did some secondary-shuffling this week. Michael Boulware, star of the future, has been benched for Jonathan Babineaux, and Seattle's pass defense may be up for a riddling -- particularly if Seneca Wallace can't put together clock-eating drives in his NFL starting debut. I'd take advantage of that; Seattle's giving up 225 yards a game, and Huard is playing in the friendly Arrowhead confines.

I’m feeling charitable…Peter gets this one…Huard had a solid day: 1TD, 1 two point conversion and over 300 yds passing…I’m not gonna bring up that that gave him a 10 point total in my league…which is an average total for a QB…nevermind, I brought it up…

8. Javon Walker, Javon Walker, Javon Walker. Play him, or trade for him. Mike Shanahan is smitten like he hasn't been since Rod Smith was in his prime.

Walker got points for 1 TD…4-40 yds….it MUST be love…there were 20 other receivers he could have picked that had a TD…not exactly a game changing pick, Peter.

9. I'd bet this laptop that Reuben Droughns goes for 100 on the Jets with new offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson, a running guy, at the helm. And play Braylon Edwards, too. Davidson wants to get him a lot more involved.

A split decision…Edwards went 2-21 yards…blah…and wouldn’t you know it!...the ONE thing that Peter was spot on about…the ONE thing he bet his laptop on…he was right…damned the luck…I guess we have to endure his mis-picks next week…

10. Pittsburgh will struggle offensively in Oakland, but Willie Parker won't. His day has 126 yards written all over it.

Willie Parker: 83 yards.

Peter King. Football Expert, Fantasy Guru.

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At 11:10 AM, Anonymous said...

Peter King is a retarded fish monkey. I do the opposite of whatever he predicts in fantasy football


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