Sunday, November 26, 2006

King Me

This week in Peter King's fantasy tips:

Two pieces of advice on this long, wonderful weekend:
• Life advice: Enjoy the turkey. Best meal of the year.
• Fantasy advice: Don't play turkeys.

And don't take the fantasy advice of turkeys....

1. You probably will be tempted to play Ronnie Brown, the Miami running back bothered by a sore groin. The Lions' best run stuffer, Shaun Rogers, is eligible to return from his steroid suspension but will miss the game after a knee scope. Unless you have bad alternatives, I would sit Brown. It's all about human nature. The Lions have played some ferocious games on Thanksgiving. They'll have some emotion trying to stuff Joey Harrington into the turf. I like Miami, but I fret the Dolphins will win it with defense, not offense.

Ronnie Brown 15 carries for 65 yards...he was actually doing OK til he got banged up...Peter's concerns were about his groin...but he ended up breaking his hand...the groin was for the ferocious tradition of the Lions on Turkey Day...well, they were pussy cats today...and Joey Harrington had a nice day...over 200 and 3 TDS...guess Peter's mind was on the pumpkin pie and not the prediction...

2. Re Harrington: I know you all want to play him, because he's looked good, and it's emotional for him to return. While I do think he'll play better than Brown -- there's not a Lions pass-rusher worth his giblets playing in this game, with James Hall and Rogers missing -- emotion in games like this can be bad, particularly for someone who plays a precision position. Sit Harrington.

as noted...over 200 and 3 bout we sit Peter instead?

3. It's getting close to playoff time for all of you, so this would be some advice for you about December playoff lineups. If you've been waiting for the Tampa Bay defense to come around, thinking they'd finally get it together down the stretch, please stop. Now, Indy, New Orleans and Cleveland are all stingier on D than Tampa Bay. And who would have ever guessed that the Bucs and the Redskins would be 15th and 16th in the NFC in sacks? Dump the Bucs.

every stinking week Peter slips in a "tip" that does not even qualify as a tip...we call them the "I bet you have a nose on your face" tips...he points out something so painfully obvious that you want to smack his wife...if you haven't figured out by now that Tampa Bay has a pourous D and isn't worth playing...well, YOU deserve to get Peter's advice then...

4. Had a long chat with Mike Nolan, Mr. Dapper, on Tuesday. He was extolling the virtues of his defense, and rightfully so. The Niners have won three in a row and climbed into the NFC West race, and they've done it with Frank Gore and defense. In the last 14 quarters, San Francisco's allowed 40 points. Pick up the 49ers defense for your playoff run.

The 'Niners lost...and the D registered two sacks and a fumble recovery...not a big point day for fantasy...we'll see how they do the rest of the way...but my advice would be to dump them...ever heard of the Midas touch?...anything Midas touched turned to gold...well, Peter has the Fecal Touch....figure it out...

5. Strange Injury Note of the Week: Dallas has zero players on its injury report. This doesn't mean the Cowboys don't have guys banged up. It means Bill Parcells is the coach, and you don't get hurt when you play for Bill Parcells. Little side note there. Anyway, with the Tampa secondary beat up so bad, even if Little T Learns to Share Thursday against the Bucs, there will still be enough to go around for everyone in the Dallas receiving game. Both Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are good plays against Tampa, and I'd play Patrick Crayton if I had him. Dallas should throw for 300 in this one.

KUDOS!...Peter hits the nail on the head...instead of smashing his thumb, like he usually does...

6. Tatum Bell plays for Denver. Must game for the Broncs. Play him.

we searched and searched the box Tatum Bell...then we searched the inactive list...THERE he was....great inside info there, Peter!...

7. Jump on Justin Fargas as a December pickup, obviously. But just as obvious should be this: Don't play him against the voracious Chargers this weekend. Save him for Houston next Sunday.

sit Justin Fargas and his 1.6 yards per carry average over the last 3 games?...nice tip!!! Pick him up for December...running behind that Raider line?...are you trying to destroy people, Peter?

8. Understand this about John Fox: He won't play favorites at running back. He'll play both DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams down the stretch. Williams has 27 carries the last two weeks, Foster 22. I'd still have both active, with a nod toward Williams if you carry both and have to play just one.

Peter does it again...more advice to play an inactive player (Foster)...and Williams lights it up with 68 yards and no TDs...

9. With Eli Manning in crisis mode, look for Tom Coughlin to put him in position to do exceedingly well at Tennessee. Not saying you should play him or not, because this is a bad matchup for the Giants; Tennessee is playing well on defense and Albert Haynesworth is back to clog the rush lanes for Tiki Barber. But I think Manning will throw for a high percentage in Nashville. Jeremy Shockey owners? Do not hesitate. He'll have 11 balls thrown to him Sunday. of Peter's patented "I'm not telling you to play him or not" tips...Eli was 18-28, 143 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT and a 59.1 QB rating...Shockey 5 catches for 39 yards...

10. If you can get a plugged nickel for him, trade Edgerrin James now, before your playoffs begin. He's coming off his best game in Arizona, and maybe you can get a fourth receiver or second tight end. He won't have a good game down the stretch, and certainly not Sunday against the stingy Vikes.

and Peter saves his best for last...James goes 4-15 as the Cards completely abandon the run...

It is too painful to go back through his picks and tally the correct ones...HOWEVER, we are deducting extra points for advising that we play not one, but TWO inactive players...doesn't this guy supposedly get inside info?...HA!...

Hope your turkey was stuffed with as much space taking filling as Peter's tips column.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Peter King, Football Expert and Fantasy Guru.


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