Monday, November 13, 2006

King Me: WTF?? On point more than ONCE??

Heeeeeere's Peter King:

1. On a trip to Chicago Wednesday, I learned there's one name that should be on your radar screens for the next two weeks, when the Bears make consecutive trips to the Meadowlands: Mark Bradley. You remember him. Speedy receiver from Oklahoma. Been hurt a lot. Has made zero impact on the Bears. Well, on Sunday night, he's going to be Bernard Berrian, who will miss the game with sore ribs barring a fast recovery. And Rex Grossman is not going to be afraid to look for Bradley either. If I had weak receivers and could pick someone up this weekend, it'd be Bradley. I see him catching four for 88, something like that.

WOW! What a start to this weeks tips…Peter was actually pretty much on point here…Bradley went 4-79 and 1TD…can this be?...correct on his first pick?...or am I still shitfaced from the weekend????

2. Do not go all panicsville on Grossman. I found him more fidgety on Wednesday than I remember him, but he's got this steely resolve that a couple of big-turnover games are not going to change him as a quarterback. Good. Quarterbacks who play scared are not usually quarterbacks who play. The Bears have had a bunch of those in recent years.

246 yards…3 TD…1 INT…OK…WTF???...two for two…either I AM still shitfaced or Peter is letting his wife ghostwrite his tips this week…

3. Trent Green's not been cleared to practice yet. If you can get a fourth receiver or spare back for him, I'd trade him right now. Not looking like he'll be much of a factor in 2006.

Well…this is a bit more like it…not that he’s wrong…but once again…Captain Obvious gives some good advice…also, don’t drink Drano and don’t play with a loaded gun…phew…I was beginning to think we might actually have a football expert or something here…

4. Chiefs gut feeling based on a conversation with Herman Edwards this week. "We're not going to burn out Larry Johnson,'' he told me. "We've got Michael Bennett, and he's going to get in there some.'' Hmmm. Might be a nice little insurance policy.

There you are, Peter…was wondering where you were with your inside info…Michael Bennett: 0 carries.

5. Another gut feeling: Chad Johnson is about to explode. The Bengals don't want that. I think Carson Palmer gets eight balls to him against San Diego, with T.J. Houshmandzadeh taking a strategic back seat this week.

We have a NEW record!...this is the third tip already this week that came to be…that is the total Peter hit for the previous 3 weeks combined…Chad lit it up for 11 and 260 and 2TDs...

6. Trade Byron Leftwich. For anything. Unless David Garrard stinks, you won't be playing Leftwich for the rest of the year, because I don't think he will be playing for the rest of the year.

Umm…he is back to this Leftwich/Garrard thing…STOP…please, Peter…you blew this a few weeks ago when you said Leftwich was the man and that as soon as he was healthy he would be back as the starter…you can’t erase that by pretending you are on the Garrard bandwagon now…so just stop…we all know that Del Rio and Leftwich are no longer playing nice…so this does not even qualify as a tip…

7. Whoever you have on the Eagles on offense, play them when they take the field against Washington. After a bye, they're refreshed and Andy Reid's put the team on notice that their poor play won't be tolerated. There is a burr in their saddle that hasn't been there for a while, and I think they'll play at a productive level Sunday.

What do you say to this? I mean…he picked everyone on the damned team…the reality is that only Donte Stallworth had a big fantasy day…Westbrook ran for over 100, with 0 TD…McNabb threw for 222 and a TD…Nobody else had more than 40 yards receiving or 20 yards rushing…one guy having a truly productive fantasy day out of the whole offense…nope, sorry, can’t give him props on this one…Peter went squirrel hunting with a shotgun…and came home with nothing but the tail…

8. No one would play Charlie Frye right now. Except me. He's going against a beat-up Atlanta secondary, and I think he'll throw for 275 and a couple of touchdowns.

Charlie Frye….165 and 1 TD…Peter should have stopped after the first sentence…I like the contrarian outlook, Peter…but let’s face it…anytime YOU have a gut feeling…just assume it is indigestion…

9. Tom Brady is starting to look for David Thomas, his rookie tight end from Texas. If you need a spare tight end, he would be a good buy, because Brady soon is going to see Ben Watson blanketed more than ever because of his tendency to look for him so often. Thomas is an excellent receiver.

Brady may have started looking for Thomas…but he sure didn’t find him this week…0 catches…now, THIS is the Peter King we know and love…

10. You've been scared to play rookie Greg Jennings, the ankle-bothered Packers wideout. Understandable. He's a speed guy, and he hasn't practiced much because of the sore ankle. But this is the week to play him, in my opinion -- on turf, at the Metrodome, with cornerbacks who have never played him before.

Well, Peter didn’t actually say that Jennings would have a good game…he just said that this was the week to play him…Jennings lit up the turf and flashed his talents for those CB’s who hadn’t had the pleasure…to the tune of 3-38 and 0 TDs…

Early on, it looked like Peter might actually have some hot tips for his loyal minions…guess his wife got busy and couldn’t finish the column for him tho…

Ladies and Gentlemen: Peter King: Football Expert and Fantasy Guru, who even got a few picks right this week.


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