Thursday, November 16, 2006

HEY WISCONSIN…………………………shut up!

Yesterday, Rod Gilmore wrote a column postulating that if Notre Dame wasn’t so damned sexy, Wisconsin would be in the running for a BCS bid. Apparently the folks up in beer and cheese country couldn’t agree more, and have a plethora of reasons why Wisconsin is being overlooked. Before we explain why the reasoning is flawed, we must point out: HEY WISCONSIN! You play in the same conference as Michigan and Ohio St! Only two teams from a BCS conference are allowed in the BCS cash line. Michigan + Ohio St = TWO teams. Tap your brat against your head twice if you understand!

We know, we know: Wisconsin is going to finish 11-1 after the pending clash with superpower Buffalo. How can an 11-1 team be shut out of the BCS, you ask?

“The consensus among pundits appears to be that if the Badgers, who finished 7-1 in the Big Ten Conference, would have played a tougher non-conference schedule they would be in the hunt for a BCS bowl berth and perhaps in the running for a national title.”

This isn’t just a consensus, and it doesn’t take a pundit to figure this out. Look at the schedule. Bowling Green, Western Illinois, San Diego St., Indiana, Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois, Buffalo. Wisconsin’s wins against winning teams were Purdue, Penn St., and Iowa. Not one impressive win. Not one win over a team currently ranked.

The column we linked to above complains:

Bret Bielema's team had little chance to make a run at the BCS title game, barring winning the Big Ten title, because it was not ranked in either pre-season poll. (UW received votes in both polls and technically was tied for No. 32 in the AP poll with Arkansas and No. 32 in the USA Today poll.

Again, it doesn’t take a pundit to figure this out. If you don’t beat anybody of consequence, you aren’t moving up! Look at Rutgers. Their schedule wasn’t overly challenging, BUT when they played a top 3 team, they WON. And moved up. Imagine! And look at Arkansas, a one loss team, like Wisconsin....but unlike Wisconsin, they beat some teams that mattered and are currently ranked: Auburn and Tennessee. Lo and behold, they moved UP!

The column goes on:

No one can call UW's 2006 non-conference schedule formidable and maintain a straight face. However, UW was originally scheduled to open with Oregon State instead of Bowling Green. Oregon State officials asked out of the two-year agreement, which was to begin in 2005, for financial reasons. Oregon State handed No. 3 Southern California its only loss this season and is 4-3 in the Pacific 10 and 6-4 overall.

Is the insinuation that Wisconsin should somehow get some credit because Oregon St. beat USC? Hey Wisconsin, no one told you to fill the hole with Bowling Green!

More important, however, it appears UW's pre-season poll position and its Sept. 23 loss at Michigan have been the most significant obstacles preventing the Badgers from securing a BCS berth.

Holy Smokes! You think so? The only team of consequence on your schedule, the only team currently ranked and it “appears” that because you didn’t beat them that THAT is why you aren’t getting a BCS bid?

Look, if you are going to play a bunch of cellar dwellers and only ONE team that matters, by god, you MUST win. Wisconsin has ZERO wins that matter. You can knock Rutgers schedule, but they beat Louisville. You can knock ND’s schedule, but they beat a Georgia Tech team that is ranked and playing in their conference championship game. You can knock the schedule of every one loss team out there. But every one loss team in the running for a BCS bid has at least ONE win over a team that matters. Every team EXCEPT Wisconsin, that is.

Hey, Wisconsin: If you had beaten Michigan you would be one of the top two teams in your conference. You lost. You are the third team in your conference. You AREN’T eligible for a BCS bid. Please, shut up.


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Thank you for this post. I went to grad school there, and they are absolutely insufferable. Congratulations, you won three Big Ten titles in the 90s. Congratulations, you weren't good until the 90s. Congratulations, you either take a nose dive late, or you play a 1AA schedule.


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