Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gee, wonder why Wisconsin isn't in the mix?

"To the BCS, the 10-1 Badgers are the girl next door and won't likely get a date to the BCS party. The soon-to-be 11-1 Badgers (after facing Buffalo on Saturday) sit at No. 9 in the current BCS Rankings -- with five other one-loss teams ahead of them (USC, Florida, Notre Dame, Arkansas and West Virginia). And hardly anyone outside of Madison is screaming that the Badgers aren't being treated fairly. The most cited reason for casually dismissing the Badgers from the BCS discussion is that their schedule isn't as strong as the other one-loss teams." Rod Gilmore Insider

Rod Gilmore makes the argument that Wisconsin is being overlooked in the hunt for BCS bids. He seems to think that their schedule is unfairly being called soft. Umm…Rod, it is soft AND that isn’t the only reason Wisconsin is being overlooked.

Gilmore seems to think that Wisconsin is passed in the rankings by the likes of Notre Dame because the Badgers aren’t as “sexy” as the Irish. Let’s look at the schedule. And remember both teams only loss was to Michigan and the other common opponents were Purdue and Penn St.

Wisconsin: Only wins over winning teams were Purdue, Penn St. and Iowa, middle of the road Big Ten teams in an overall down year for the conference. Rest of schedule is a hodge podge of losers. Bowling Green, Western Illinois, Sand Diego St., and the dregs at the cellar of the Big Ten. Remaining game is Buffalo. One has to ask: What the hell is “sexy” about that schedule? The three teams with winning records that they beat are going nowhere and the rest of the schedule is lame.

Notre Dame: The teams that they beat that have winning records are Georgia Tech, Purdue, Penn St. and Navy. Wins over PAC 10 and ACC bottom dwellers Stanford and UNC can be listed with those patsy wins Wisconsin had. Wins over Michigan St, UCLA and Air Force aren’t very impressive either. Remaining games are Army and USC.

Looking at the schedules and the common wins and losses, it would seem the win over an 8-2 Georgia Tech team (that is going to play in its conference championship game) is the differentiating factor. Of course, if ND beats USC there is no argument about why ND is ranked higher.

As stated earlier, the schedule isn’t the only reason that Wisconsin isn’t in the hunt for a BCS bid. They play in conference with Michigan AND Ohio St. BOTH of those teams are going to a BCS game. You can’t have three teams from one conference. Sorry, Rod Gilmore and Wisconsin….THERE IS NO ROOM FOR YOU.


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