Saturday, November 18, 2006

Futility Bowl 2006: UNC Squanders Chance

While Duke is currently holding up their end of the deal by getting waxed by Georgia Tech (the game was still going as of this post), UNC decided to field a defense today against NC St. By doing so, the Tarheels wound up with a 23-9 victory and lost any claim to being the worst team in D-1.

The Tarheels relied on solid defense and a new found running attack to control the clock and win the battle of field position, setting up 3 field goals. The defense registered a fumble return for a touchdown.

It took 11 games, but right now, Carolina is playing as well as anyone in the Research Triangle (fyi, Wake Forrest is NOT in the Research Triangle), and look poised to knock off Duke next week in a game that now has lost much of its luster and appeal due to Carolina defeating NC St and registering their first win over a D-1 team this season.

Certainly, if this victory is followed up by a win at Duke, many will be questioning the dismissal of John Bunting. Over the last few seasons, Bunting has employed a unique strategy to his coaching, that only after he is gone will be appreciated. His method of sacrificing almost every game during the season to tune up to beat NC St. and Duke in the final two games is unorthodox, but has been highly effective.

Hats off to the Heels.


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