Monday, November 06, 2006

Excuse me, but Louisville has another big game...

Lot of folks out there writing columns debating whether Louisville deserves to go to the BCS championship game if they finish undefeated. Contemplating how Louisville would stack up if it played in the SEC. Wondering about their schedule. Questioning the Big East.

An important thing is not being mentioned: Rutgers. And the fact that Louisville has to head into NJ on Thursday to play them. Any talk of Louisville crashing the BCS championship game party is beyond premature, at this point. Talk about it next week. IF they get by the State U of NJ.

And they won’t.

Catch the UL-WVU game? Either D impress you much? Aside from that odd 6 minutes that started the 3rd Q (when Louisville returned the fumble and punt for quick TDs), the game was pretty even. The one differentiating factor (discounting the 3rd Q’s beginning) was probably Louisville’s ability to get great yardage on first down for most of the game.

Have you caught a Rutgers game yet? Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying they have faced a heavy weight schedule. But, they have beaten 4 teams that are 6-3 or better and are allowing less than 9 points a game, with only one opponent hanging 20 on them.
They are allowing less than 100 yards rushing per game (they obliterated Navy’s option) and have 30 sacks. Offensively, they are rushing for over 190 yards per game and have allowed 5 sacks. Rutgers is pretty solid along both lines. Which is something that UL hasn’t really run into thus far.

If Rutgers can stop UL from getting those constant solid first down plays (that WVU couldn’t), look for Rutgers to pull this out.

Any debate about Louisville being BCS title game worthy HAS to wait until Thursday night. And we think the debate will be over.


At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Props to you - DEAD ON. Stopped them on first down most of the game, which allowed them to put more pressure on Brohm.


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