Monday, November 13, 2006

ESPN's Peyton Manning Doppleganger


ESPN writer Kieran Darcy's coworkers believe he is dead ringer for Peyton Manning. So, he was assigned to head to Indy and try to see if he can pass for Manning. Nice premise for a little column. Sounds fun. Why not?

Well, after spending the better part of three days in Indy, not a soul mistook him for Peyton. Even after having his cohort try to cajole people into thinking it was Manning. I can't imagine why people didn't fall for it, can you? Try and pick out the real Manning below.

We had a tough time picking the real Manning out, too. I can't imagine why the people in Indy didn't mob Darcy. I mean, aside from the obvious facial similarity, Darcy has the finely honed athletic look of an NFL QB. What gives Indy? Don't even know what your hometown hero looks like?

I want someone to tell Peter King he looks like Norm and send him off to Beantown to write about it.


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