Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cancel the BCS title game...

Ok, Ohio St. won. The outcome of the came was never really in doubt. Michigan scored first, but OSU was able to get ahead and really never look back. Michigan gave a valliant effort, but they just didn't have enough.....DEFENSE. Yea, the team that was built up all year long as being a brick wall gave up over 40 points and over 500 yards. So, OSU is the last unbeaten...well, the last in contention since it seems Rutgers just isn't going to be able to leap frog some of the one loss teams. And they still have to play a WVU team that matches up with them better than Louisville Morgantown.

As for the one loss teams. No one deserves a shot at OSU in a title game. Crown OSU now, and let the bowl games go on for the joy of it......oh, and the profit of it.

OSU just beat Michigan. A rematch? Pffft...please. You just had your shot.

None of the other one loss teams deserve a crack either:

USC lost to Oregon St....buh-bye.
ND lost to Michigan...if Michigan don't deserve a crack at it YOU don't either.
Florida lost to Auburn...I don't care how tough the SEC supposedly still lost to a two loss team.
Arkansas lost to USC...we kicked USC out, so the Hogs can go with them.
The one loss Big East teams....well....they played in the Big East....see ya...

Let's send the glass football to Columbus, call it a season...and start anew with ranking the recruiting classes on signing day.


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