Monday, November 20, 2006

And IT Begins: Meyer Upset Over BCS Rankings

Looks like Florida coach Urban Meyer is beginning the onslaught on the BCS rankings and demanding his Gators be more seriously considered a little early. Meyer is upset that Michigan is still number 2, after their loss. Of course, his team still has their rivalry game against FSU and the SEC title game with Arkansas. So, we could see Meyer being served an icey tall glass of STFU! before any of this even matters. Even though things still aren't clear in the BCS picture, you have to admit, things are sort of taking care of themselves week by week.

''If they do that [rematch], there should be a playoff system next year,'' Meyer said Sunday. ``I think if that [rematch] happens, I think it's over. All the presidents would need to get together immediately and put in a playoff system -- like now!''

Meyer probably should have included the caveat "Oh, and if we lose...disregard what I just said."

''I think that would be unfair to Ohio State and I think it would be unfair to the country. I don't believe [a rematch] is the right thing to do,'' Meyer said. ``You're going to tell Ohio State that they have to beat the same team twice and that is extremely difficult. I think they had their chance. Someone else should have a chance to go get No. 1.'' Meyer thinks it would be ludicrous, especially if Michigan won the rematch. "Absolutely [there would be no national champion]. If I'm Ohio State I go get a bunch of rings and say, `We won the national championship.' That's not right,'' Meyer said.

This is a legitimate gripe. In what was essentially the Big Ten conference championship game, Michigan lost. They had their chance at Ohio St.

''I think you can make a case for USC and you can make a case for us,'' Meyer said. ``Arguing for Arkansas would be a little more difficult because they went head to head and got blown out at home [by USC]. Same thing with Notre Dame. Not that they're not deserving, but the fact is they got beat at home [by Michigan] by a substantial margin.''

What Meyer didn't mention was that Florida lost to a 2 loss Auburn team that at this point is not in the mix for anything.

This is a complicated scenario. But Meyer is jumping the gun with his anger and lobbying. His team still has two very big games left. USC has two very big games. Arkansas has two very big games. ND has one big game.

To start holding your breath and stomping your feet before any of these are played out is premature. Michigan's season is over. They aren't going to be in a position to impress anyone the next two weeks. Florida is. Coach Meyer should let his teams performance the next two games do the lobbying. If his mouth runs but his team doesn't, that icey tall glass of STFU! will be waiting at the bar.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Worldwide Reader said...

Take the top 8 teams, disregard conferences for inclusion, and let them play it out on the field. What a concept!

Imagine if the NFL used a BCS-style system? You really think that would fly? I have no idea how college gets away with it every single year.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

money is how they get away with it every year


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