Monday, October 23, 2006

Say it ain't so, Spoop

Just finished reading the latest insightful Spoop Jackson look into football. His latest submission, as far as I can tell, seems to be a piece detailing that the Bengals’ offense has become a boring version of its former self. Pointing out that Chad Johnson has apparently been reeled in by Marvin Lewis. According to Spoop, Lewis has asked CJ to become “a one-dimensional receiver, one who catches the ball with no after effects, no cause for effect. No special effects.” I guess he is implying that CJ has not had the season all had anticipated him having this year (so far), because he hasn’t been allowed to be a showboat. Somehow, this has affected his performance and as a result of this, the offense is boring also. Basically, Spoop ponders how the team can get the mojo back and become exciting again.

All well and good, but who cares? The bottom line is wins and losses. And while the team may not be as exciting as last year, Spoop doesn’t mention that part of the reason the offense has been “bored-ed” up, is that the QB is still not a bonafide 100% , the team is not an up and comer catching folks by surprise this year and components of the O-Line are suspect (rookie LT and a pretty mediocre think maybe, just maybe the passing game is suffering in part because you have a still not 100% QB not feeling real confident behind that line?..i digress, to bring up such things would be analysis, and Spoop don't play dat). Determining what the problem is with the Bengals’ O is something that can be seen many different ways. Anyone following them will compare this year’s version with last year's and find differences. So, Spoop deciding that the problem is CJ not being allowed to be the “straw that stirs the drink” is a fair shot at IDing the problem. However; in citing the stifling of CJ’s emotions and individuality as being a large factor in the lack of excitement and performance of the O, Spoop misses a chance to SLAM us. Has anyone noticed that since Whitlock’s “bojangalization” of Spoop….Spoop’s “voice” has changed.

Spoop missed his chance. He clearly states the problem is that the coach has virtually forced the free spirited CJ to change. Spoop even commented that he predicts the blond Mohawk will be gone soon. Instead of making a right turn into “race town”, Spoop just keeps driving straight on down the road. WHAT?? Here we have a young black, rich and fabulous superstar: Chad Johnson. A man that has become synonymous with excitement and celebration. A black man who expresses himself through his flamboyance and on field exuberance. Remember reading articles explaining that the reason many young black athletes are so demonstrative on the field is because that is part of their culture? That is how they express themselves and how they motivate themselves to perform at high levels? Well, here Spoop points out a case of a young black athlete being asked by his coach to stifle his emotions. To ignore his culture. To be something he is not! Folks, this is the epitome of racism. Essentially, CJ is being forced by his coach… not be black! I am outraged and YOU should be as well. How dare Spoop not militantly point this out. How dare he. If ever a racist act were so open and plain to see, it is here. Yet for some reason, Spoop doesn’t comment on this. He doesn’t mention that a young black man is being asked to modify his behavior and step away from his culture. I can’t imagine why Spoop is not condemning this as being unfair to do to a black athlete. Any coach that would force a player to act as if he is not black should be raked over the coals.

For whatever reason, Spoop let the coach behind this off the hook. You should feel very lucky, Marvin Lewis, I’m sure next time Spoop will chastise you for your racist ways.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger J. Montez "Real Talk" said...

The first question that comes to mind after reading this is, Are you an idiot?

But I'll leave that alone for now. What Scoop is saying is that Chad Johnson is the type of player that performs at the a high level because for him playing football was about having fun. Marvin Lewis has taken that away from Chad Johnson thus taking away one of his biggest advantages.
Look at the Chad J of this year compared to last year. Last season he had an aire of confidence about him that was Jay-Z like. He had a swag and that was a big part of his great season.

Now that he's reduced to "Marvin Harrison" status he's not Chad J. and wont produce Chad J. numbers.

Thats what Scoop is saying and it pretty plain to see that...well if you're not an idiot I guess.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger ojarhead said...

Never said I wasn't an idiot. But, I would like to welcome you to idiot-ville. Your inability to identify what my post was about is your ticket in.....welcome! And, thanks for the Jay-Z reference, Spoop hasn't been droppin' near enough of them lately...

At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

> "Now that he's reduced to "Marvin Harrison" status he's not Chad J. and wont produce Chad J. numbers."

Actually, this would be j montez' ticket to idiotville...

"REDUCED" to Marvin Harrison status?? LOFL!!!

At this point, Johnson cannot even hope to aspire to achieving Harrison-like numbers!


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