Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Michael Irvin is America's Conscience

Michael Irvin modeling the U's school colors.

I was just on espn.com and they have a vid clip of Michael Irvin being asked his thoughts on the brawl this past weekend. Of course The Playmaker didn't pull a Lamar Thomas, but he was forgiving of the players, deferring the poor behavior to a youthful lack of understanding. Not an outright indictment, but he certainly didn't hold them accountable, either. He seems willing to let the players off the hook because "they don't understand the totality of it". He went on to say that he felt they were frustrated and didn't understand that kids are watching and they can't do that. Asked about what should happen to Larry Coker, The Playmaker said this should be his last year because Miami has standards and Coker isn't meeting them. Standards being the team's record.

Listening to Irvin let the players off the hook, one has to wonder: can these kids take care of themselves? Are they capable of personal responsibility? To say that these kids don't understand the situation is to absolve them of any personal responsibility for their actions whatsoever. Am I wrong, or were the Hurricane's not involved in 2 major incidents in their prior 6 games to this? You mean to say NOBODY learned a thing? Excuse me, and I may be generalizing, ANYONE who has ever taken the football field knows it is wrong to turn the game into a gang fight. You don't need special training or positive reinforcement or a powerpoint presentation or a special envoy of the university assigned to stand next to you on the sidelines every game to tell you that fighting on the field is WRONG. Does Larry Coker deserve some blame? Of course. He is the general, and when the troops screw up, the general is ultimately responsible. But it is very telling that Irvin's first words about Coker were a criticism of his record for the past few years and not the 3 incidents in the last 7 games.

After I finished digesting what Irvin had to say, I realized: WHO CARES! This is Michael Freaking Irvin. A pimp by blood! Why on earth would we care to be subjected to his views on behavioral matters? Behavior is governed by an innate or learned application of the understanding of right and wrong. This is MICHAEL IRVIN talking! When it struck me as such, I had to go back and watch the vid again. NOW I get it! This is COMEDY. Have Michael Irvin step in front of the camera, look serious and postulate on behavior and rolemodels. Good one ESPN! You had me going for a minute. Tomorrow they are going to have Maurice Clarett on to explain how student athletes balance athletics and academics.


At 1:12 PM, Blogger POPS said...

anything out of irvin's mouth should be taken with a grain of salt


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