Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ESPN's Spoop Jackson: TENNIS GURU

The Spoop, in cornrows and a throwback, proving he is as ghetto as AI.


Spoop Jackson. Who knew? The ghetto tennis afficianado. I have grave concerns about this column, however. Spoop has made his mark based on his ghetto card. Spoop is the direct line between the ghetto and the world of sport. No one can see the unbreakable entanglement between hip hop and sport, the way Spoop sees it. No one can tell us time and time again that they is the product of a hard knock life. That they is a black man. I say again, that they is a black man....in case you didn't know. No one can name drop and pretend that they runs in the innermost circles, entwined circles, of hip hop and sports...the way Spoop can. No one can keep white America educated with in your face ebonics and the hippity hoppitiest of lingo and rap references masquerading as some sort of sports/social commentary...the way that Spoop does. No one can point out the inequities that exist in the world of sports journalism, the complete statistical imbalance between black and white editors....the way Spoop can (oh, and at the same time completely ignore the inequities in the census statistics between blacks and whites in the NBA...and ignore the normal process that is involved to become a sports editor and the fact that there aren't many black men going down that road....but I digress). And that is what worries me so much about this latest column. The lack of ghetto cred and the almost complete absense of hip hop references. By the way, Spoop be's a black man. It had to be said. Just like a Chuck D rhyme...it had to be said.

Spoop's foray into the tennis world is guarded. He doesn't propose to be a technical expert or even well versed in the game. He simply claims he knows what Andy Roddick needs to do to get back on top. Fair enough. I can live with that. We all have an opinion. Why should the fact that Spoop seems not to know much about tennis preclude him from having one? Again....these things are NOT important....there are too many examples of columnists having virtually no knowledge of the subject about which they opine to even worry about it......my concern is that Spoop is even writing about tennis....I mean, folks, he didn't even mention the Williams sisters! Are we seeing the Uncle Tom'ization of Spoop's columns? The only black folks he mentions were some actor (Andre Braugher...and he mentioned a white character from CSI in the same sentence), some NBA ballers and Oprah. No hip hop references. No ebonics. No thinly veiled references to the world being racist and holding black men (btw, Spoop is black) down. No "y'alls". The closest thing I came across to even fitting into the category, was a "held it down". Spoop! What gives? I am sure I am not the only reader alarmed by this. Bring back the semi-literate columns. The references that only readers of your Slam magazine get. Bring back the chip on your shoulder "black man against the world" attitude. Leave the tennis columns to those privileged white guys whose butts a ghetto cat like you could kick. I know that Spoop Jackson would NEVER alter his writing style or compromise his creative flow, just because he was writing about men's tennis, right? I mean. That would be not be real. And we KNOW Spoop is nothing if not real, right? Bring back the old Spoop. Btw, the old Spoop is black. It had to be said. Like a Rakim rhyme to an Eric B beat...it had to be said.


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