Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The End of the Daily Quickie Era.....

"Biggest. Announcement. Ever.: The final edition (yes, ever) of the Daily Quickie will be on Thursday, August 31.But don't expect some maudlin, "Friends"-style countdown to oblivion. (No, it'll be a maudlin, Quickie-style countdown to oblivion.)Check back each day between now and 8/31 for a look back at the best (and worst) of the nearly 1,000 editions since it launched in '03.Taking a cue from Tony K. on "MNF," I'll also publish reader feedback. Send your comments here.(And feel free to nominate your own superlative moment from Quickie history. Just search ESPN.com or, if you know the date, use yesterday's URL and change the date to find the specific day's inanity you want to highlight from over the last 3-plus years.)"

Quickie link

Unfortunately, Dan Shanoff didn't get into the specifics of why his Quickie was being curbed. So one can only guess. Personally, I was no fan. Although I will admit to starting off virtually every morning reading the Quickie as soon as I logged on to my PC. Never bothered with the chat, though. Dan's self aggrandizing style and his constant flirting with hyperextending his elbow patting himself on his narrow back will be truly missed. I have never seen a writer link to his own old columns, recall each and every prediction he made that actually came to fruition and constantly use his sports recap column to trumpet his own liberal political ideals with as much aplomb and frequency as Dan. His columns, which were a rehash of the previous days events, effectively acted as a rehash of HIS previous columns as well. In hindsight, that must be why the Quickie was a must read for me. It pissed me off on a daily basis. Throw into the mix Dan's unbridled chutzpah in so assuredly telling us who we should root for and what issues in sports we should support and you have the perfect start to any day: the pompous, self serving diurnal retrospectives of a man who seemed to get half the ideas for his column from deadspin and other blogs. Sure, this sounds harsh. But in all honesty, I will miss the Quickie. It did provide a concise redux of some of the previous day and evening's headlines. And I will also truly miss sending Dan emails trying to shed light into his narrow little world by pointing out that, generally, he was a moron. Good riddance, Dan.....your column will be missed.


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