Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Can't figure out this Floyd Landis deal.....

"The owner of Floyd Landis' former cycling team will shut down operations at the end of the year, citing continuing doping issues within the sport and an inability to sell the team."


As the world around Floyd Landis crumbles, the positive test results remain puzzling. The media has reported that Landis tested positive due to the the unnacceptable ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone. It has also been reported that synthetic testosterone was present. Clearly, the presence of synthetic testosterone indicates that his levels were elevated due to hormones his body didn't produce. That is easy to understand. The puzzling part is this: He claims to have passed drug tests on seven other occasions during this summer's Tour de France. Additionally, I believe it has been reported that he passed tests after Stage 17. That would mean, that if Floyd did take steroids, it would have been the day before that Stage 17, and since they were out of his system quickly, it would indicate he took a short ester testosterone (probably a quick acting oral or test suspension) that quickly cleared his system. But WHY?

We all know the various performance enhancing benefits of steroids: packing on muscle mass, gaining strength and power, faster recovery times, etc. Knowing this, the question of WHY? arises again. Why would a cyclist be using this? Particularly for ONE day. The performance enhancing benefits that we are familiar with from the juice are not benefits that can be derived from a one time usage, nor are they benefits that would be particularly necessary for a guy in what is essentially an endurance event.

With this in mind, it does make one wonder if something sketchy actually did take place. The one time use of testosterone for a race like this just doesn't seem like something that a cyclist would be prone to do. Particularly in a sport in which doping is such a science.

The only benefit that comes to mind, in reviewing the particulars of this situation, is that certain short ester tests (which clear the system quickly) are often used by athletes to increase aggression. It is not uncommon for fighters and boxers (and even powerlifters) to use old fashioned "cheque drops" (if they can find them), methyl testosterone or even Halotestin (among other compounds) the day of a fight or competition.

So, the reality of the situation is: the only REAL benefits that Floyd would derive out of using the type of steroid that it appears he used, would be an increase in aggressiveness.

This really is an interesting situation. Those who understand performance enhancing drugs should truly be scratching their heads about this. The possibility of fowl play, based on the inadequate reasoning of using steroids for one day during the tour by a guy in a sport ruled by advanced doping techniques, shouldn't be so quickly eliminated.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

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At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, richard, what was the url to your blogspot again?

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous rob said...

Linked here from Deadspin. One theory I saw floating around was that he was actually on testosterone the whole time and for some reason didn't take the masking agent on that day. Maybe it slipped his mind after his adventures with ol' Jack Daniels. Or maybe he actually thought he was dunzo and there was no point in taking the masking agent and then 'whoa, how'd I end up in first?' Think there's anything to that theory? I don't know the logistics of masking agents so I can't wax too much on the topic but it seems plausible.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger ojarhead said...

rob...anything is possible. generally, the masking agents used to hide steroid use are diuretics. and due to this, many drugs that don't have true performance enhancing benefits have been placed on the banned list. so, they get tested for....i would think someone at floyd's level, if they were using steroids, would be using a designer roid that doesn't show on tests yet....clearly, he wasnt...and if he was using a masking agent...he would have popped for something else on one of the other tests...of course all these theories are pure conjecture...i'm not familiar enough with masking techniques to really get into it, unfortunately....


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