Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bitch slapped by Anonymous...

"Anonymous said...
so lets see, you write a blog online which presumably has access to millions of people, and you get 2 comments back? Give Up. Please."

Looks like I will be shutting down this blog. After a whopping two days of making entries on the net, the fact that I don't have millions of comments seems to be the deathknell of my effort to kill some time when I am bored. Thanks to Anonymous for painting a clear picture and concisely summing up my failure. Here, after two days, I had anticipated a $10 million offer from Newscorp to buy my site. Clearly, though, that is not to be. I would also like to thank Anonymous for deftly pointing out that I "write a blog online"....Initially, I had tried writing my blog on the sides of dirty cars in the parking lot at work. I didn't get many comments. Although several people did tell me to get the hell away from their cars...so I resorted to writing my blog online. At least Anonymous doesn't fault me for that. And yes, Anonymous, my blog does "presumably have access to millions of people". And I assure you...although a person of even marginal intellect would have constructed a scathing remark such as yours in the format of "millions of people presumably have access to your blog"....although people aren't leaving comments on my blog....my blog, with its presumable access to millions of people, is leaving a flury of comments in its wake. Thanks for the input! And thanks for your comment. It truly is.....one in a million.


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